General Letting Conditions

  1. Letting agreements are based solely on our indication and description details covering each property being let and those provided in our price list.
  2. We consider letting agreements to be binding when they are returned to us signed, and on payment of the deposit which is due eight days after signing the agreement, at the latest.
    Non-payment shall lead to cancellation of the booking.
  3. The deposit shall be 30% of the total letting price; the remainder must be received by our booking department 42 days prior to the initial letting date, after which no further payment demand shall be made.
  4. Should the agreement be cancelled before 42 days from the start of the letting period, the tenant shall pay 30% of the total letting price in respect of annulment charges.
  5. Should the agreement be cancelled less than 42 days from to the start of the letting period, the tenant shall pay 100% of the total letting price in respect of annulment charges.
  6. Nevertheless, should it be possible to re-let the property during the period in question, the tenant shall be obliged to pay only 20% of the respective total letting price.
  7. Only the number of persons mentioned in the letting agreement may occupy the property being let. The tenant shall be accountable for the guests he/she shown in the agreement.
  8. The tenant shall undertake to take due care when using the property being let and to advise the landlord of all damages caused during the tenancy period. The landlord or his/her representative shall charge all costs resulting from said damages to the tenant.
  9. Pets shall be allowed, however tenants are obliged to inform the landlord, in writing, of the types and numbers of pets accompanying them. The landlord reserves the right to make a final decision on the matter.
  10. The landlord reserves the right to cancel the contract shortly before the letting period (e.g. due to force majeure). In such circumstances, all payments made by the tenant shall be reimbursed and no further claims shall be considered. During the summer of 1982, water supply problems arose in the Praia do Carvoeiro area, leading to cuts in supply for several hours. In the future, additional service supply difficulties in the ALGARVE may occur and cuts could be necessary for some time. In such cases no claims for loss and/or damages can be accepted.
  11. All properties let out are fully furnished and supplied with linen and tableware.
  12. Letting charges include: a) daily cleaning services, except on Sundays and local holidays, and cleaning hours vary according to the size of properties let; b) charges for gas, electricity and water, but excepting HEATING COSTS; c) linen (except beach towels), with bed linen being changed once weekly and face towels twice weekly.
  13. The letting period of all properties commences at 4 p.m., at the earliest, on the first day, and ends at 11 a.m. on the final day, at the latest.
  14. Secondary agreements may be completed but these, however, shall require written confirmation on the part of the landlord.
  15. The judicial district for arbitration shall be Portimão.